GCam in A3 help

Hello all. So I finally decided to learn how to add stuff to the mission files etc. Im currently trying to enable admins access to GCam on our server to monitor suspicious players. This is the addon http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10390 I have successfully added it into the pbo, and see the menu when i load into debug. However when i go into game and log in as admin, i can not bring up the GCam menu. The only line i added in the init.sqf is

"execVM "gcam\gcam.sqf"

Does anyone know how to give only admins access the the script? Or how to bring up the menu? Any help would be much appreciated.

no i didnt try that. is there a way to login in as admin on a self hosted mission? i dont want to upload to the server obviously if its not working. Btw, im running your 1.08 got wasteland on our server :) Thanks for your hard work JoSchapp! Everyone is loving the new version.


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i think Gcam was designed for dedicated server use :)

also if you run my wasteland you dont need Gcam.

just replace my playerid's with your playerids in:


then pres U for the admin meny, click player management and you have a tool to spectate,slay,kick players asswell as an option to see their gear.

(And yes you have different ID's in the stable and dev build)

be sure to use the github version (the one on my server has costum files in it) atm the github version is dev-build only untill they update the stable branch (Ifrit vehicle has a different classname)
ya i know about the admin menu. I'd just like to be able to control the camera and get better perspectives, maybe even record. I grabbed the pbo off github, but im not running the dev build. Seems to be working fine.


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you will not have any Ifrits spawning, and convoy mission will have AI without a vehicle if it randomly selects the ifrit.

today the stable branch will be updated and after that i expect the ifrit to be fixed in stable asswell (they renamed it)
Ya, i heard about the class name change. It's weird, everything is running fine, ifrits are spawning along with the armed ones for main missions as well.