Get Whitelist working via Battleeye

Hi Guys,

can somebody give me a hint to the right direction?
Im trying to enable a whitelist on the DayZ SA Server Files via Battleeye.

I followed the Guide on and placed all files in the neccessary directions (/battleeye...)

If i start the server - it doesnt load the Battleeye configuration. Does somebody allready got it working, and is able to post this here?

Thanks & Regards!
It doesn't work on my dedicated server, but does on my pc. I have all requirements installed too. I'll try to reinstall.
This sounds like your dedicated server is blocking it. Make sur e everything is port forwardedon router and pc firewall correctly.
Also you say dedicated server. Are you sure its not some game shared hosting that says Dedicated? Cause if so then they probably block exe file and stuff.
Yup, it's OVH dedicated server. Anywayd, general reinstall of server files and bec helped. I don't know what was the issue, but it's fixed now. Thanks for you support!