Getting Setup Completed error...


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OK guys.. Taviana..Clients Getting Setup Completed, please wait.. Server is running Bliss with 0.33 with Dec 2 2012 commit. I am running witth killmsgs, carepkgs and wrecks and Invcust options.


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OK finding out a little more about this.

17:31:53 "READ/WRITE: ["PASS",[false,false,false,false,false,false,false,12000,[],[0,0],0],[0,0,0,0],["","aidlpercmstpsnonwnondnon_player_idlesteady04",36],[],2500]"
17:31:53 "READ/WRITE: <-[["PASS",[false,false,false,false,false,false,false,12000,[],[0,0],0],[0,0,0,0],["","aidlpercmstpsnonwnondnon_player_idlesteady04",36],[],2500]]"
17:31:53 "LOGIN PUBLISHING: B 1-1-B:1 (Falcon911) REMOTE Type: Survivor2_DZ"
17:32:22 "DISCONNECT: Falcon911 (11133638) Object: B 1-1-B:1 (Falcon911) REMOTE, _characterID: 1"
17:32:22 "ERROR: server_playerSync: Cannot Sync Player Falcon911 [1]. Position in debug! [13206,16698.7,0.00109863]"
17:32:22 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:103:11133638:1:2:""
17:32:22 "WRITE: ["PASS"]"
17:32:22 Client: Remote object 6:6 not found
17:32:22 Client: Remote object 6:12 not found
17:32:23 Warning: Cleanup player - person 6:11 not found
hi can you please dumb it down for me please {run this without options} ...i have got that error ... for 4 days now and its p*ssing me off if i use @bliss_1.chernarus ...dayz_server.pbo. it works but spawns every body in the water ....please get back to me ASAP ...Thanks


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I was told that this was fixed with the latest commit. So basically re download the latest and make sure you run the setup_perl.bat before you do anything else. Then you can run the --world-chernarus --instance 1 --with-killmsgs --with-Wrecks etc
ok i done it and it worked i run setup_perl.bat from my bliss_files directory in CMD then --world tavi --instance 10 --with-killmsgs --with-Wrecks ....then i copyied dayz_10.tavi.pbo and dayz_server.pbo from the deploy folder into the main MPmissions folder and the main @bliss_10.tavi folder and .. it works perfect ..Thank You very mutch you have been a BIG HELP


[Ok so Now Am Replying to myself.fter playing for 3 hours on the map i found out there where no medical boxes in hospitals and no vehicles. so i rebuilt the map throu CMD again from main server files directory ..then i run setup_perl.bat...let it do its thing ....then ... --world tavi --instance 10 --buildings --carepkgs --invcust --killmsgs --wrecks then after its built i ran the vehicles fix in the dayz_server_setup.bat an now it it looks like its working properly... Again THANK YOU ..could not of not do it without your help thanks its time to make some zombie cakes