glitchy choppers


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Hey Sarge....loving the AI! Thanks for all your work! Only issue im experiencing at this point is as follows:

When any players dies then spawns back in, they can get picked up by another player in a chopper and theres no issue with multiple players getting into said chopper. If Any of these players shoot or have shot an AI then the choppers only let one player in. I looked around and didnt see anyone else having this issue. Is this common and I missed it or is this something on my end? I never had this problem b4 and havnt changed anything since the AI. Please advise and thanks in advance!

On a side note...not your issue i know but figure Id ask because ok your knowledge....My rpt has this error, has had it for a while now, and it logs this error every second:
} forEach _msgList;>
19:57:46  Error position: <_msgList;>
19:57:46  Error Undefined variable in expression: _msglist
19:57:46 Error in expression <oad, _interval, time]];
I cant figure out what its from for the life of me. Any ideas?