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Welcome to GoG's World!

PvP & PvE Veteran Server so, not for the faint hearted. You reap what you sow! Please don't cry if you get popped, retaliate! It's DayZ after all....

Anti-Hacks running are TSW, infiSTAR, Gotcha & BattleEye. No Hacking, Duping/Exploits, Voice In Side, Trader Trolling, Racism or Personal Comments.

We are a well established community with a good number of regular players. We have a well mixed balance of hero and bandit players and plenty of PvP action! The server is well maintained and has no errors running in the background. There are always plenty of players willing to help in side chat with gameplay questions that invariably come up, especially from less experienced players. We host admin events once a week and get a fantastic turnout!

We have friendly active admins playing but, they are not there to be abused with TP requests and spawn vehicle requests where players have messed up or died. They are there to monitor potential hackers and recover problems from server glitches. Our admins won't troll you or interfere with your game unless you have requested help. They won't help you unless you are subject to a genuine glitch so as not to give you an unfair advantage over other players.

  • Starting Loadout: Colt1911 with 2 clips, Hatchet, Toolbox, Map, Radio, Painkillers, Flashlight & 2 Bandages
  • Deployable Bike - From toolbox, helps get you going if new spawn (Right click on toolbox)
  • 600+ Vehicles
  • Custom Loot - Increased quantities and chances
  • AI Missions - Hard, Medium & Easy running concurrently. Weapon, medical & building supply crates. Advanced AI with RPG's, NVG's and custom gear (including random 5 gold)
  • Treasure & Military Crate Hunt Missions - Marked on the map with a yellow marker, the crate spawns anywhere within the marker. No AI, purely PvP missions
  • Indestructible Bases
  • Group Management - See your friends tagged within 2.5km in game and their position on the map anywhere. Communicate using group chat (Right click on radio)
  • Spawn Selector - Most major towns. 5km of a player's dead body are blocked for 30 mins
  • Plot 4 Life - Keep ownership of your plot pole and items you have built after your character dies so you can remove your own built items. No more plot pole replace!
  • Build Snap Pro - Toggleable clean, faster building and can attach different objects to each other!
  • Vector Building - Change the vector of your building objects by tilting back and forwards and rotating left and right
  • Precise Building - Keeps all built objects exactly where you placed them before the server restart
  • Zombie Free Bases - If plot pole erected, 50m exclusion zone
  • Set View Distance - Right click on your binocs or rangefinder. Lower settings = higher FPS. Very helpful if you're running an old rig! Higher settings go up to 3km from the Epoch Standard of 1.6km = Great for Sniping!
  • Gem Dealer - Trades all Epoch gems which can be mined from random locations
  • Free Refuel - At all fuel stations, pumps, tanks etc (except gas tanks)
  • Repair & Rearm - At cost, at all fuel stations, pumps, tanks etc. (except gas tanks) (Have to get into gunner position first)
  • Lift & Tow - For most vehicles if not locked, Daisychaining off
  • Self Bloodbag (Right click on bloodbag)
  • Safe Zones - Stary, Bash, Klen, Hero & Bandit with backpack anti-theft, speed limit & AI deleted within 100m
  • Take Clothes - Remove clothes from dead bodies (AI, players and your own dead body)
  • Suicide - For when it's just too much for you! Think of the people you will be leaving behind first... just type killme in sidechat
  • Additional Buildings - Extra lootable buildings, roadblocks, abandoned military bases, starter bases in middle of nowhere
  • Custom Debug Monitor (HUD) - Player name, FPS, Skin, Days Survived, Zombies Killed, Headshots, Murders, Bandits Killed, Humanity, Blood, Server Up-Time, Web Address & TeamSpeak IP Address (Toggles on 'End' key)
  • Trader City Parking - All undamaged vehicles will be unlocked and TP'd up to 450m away and all damaged vehicles (over 50% damaged) will be deleted. Executes every server restart on vehicles within a 75m radius of ALL TRADERS including boat and wholesale. DO NOT PARK THERE!!
  • Added Vehicles - Pook Heli, Armoured HMMWV, BRDM2, BTR40 & BTR40 MG
  • Added Weapons - Mk17 (All variants), M110, DMR & various M16's & M4's
  • Restart Warnings - 4 (15 mins, 10 mins, 5 mins & 1 minute)
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  • Added DayZ Group Management - See your friends tagged within 2.5kms and position on the map from anywhere. Communicate using group chat


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  • Added - Chernarus Fight Club
A PvP or teamVteam arena with objects and obstacles inside. Players can settle disputes here on 1v1 or probably up to around 5v5. Admins will also be hosting ad hoc tournaments and flare parties here.


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  • Update - Server now locks 5 minutes before restarts up to 2 minutes after
This should help with players logging in and not getting the 5 minute warning message. Also, helps the server load up without player connections for the first 2 minutes after restart.