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I'd like to introduce GR Overpoch USA server! If your a team of 3+ players and are deciding to migrate from another server, please contact one of our admins in-game and you will be provided a base building box and SUV to start. Our game server has been optimized for HIGH in-game FPS. Some of our members receive around 60-80 FPS! Come and enjoy the greatest PvP and in-game experience of DayZ Overpoch!

** Balanced loot and 300+ vehicles! **
** 4000m View Distance ** (right click Binoculars in-game)
** Group Management ** (right click Radio in-game)

- Scripts/Mods -
| Spawn Select | Choose Class Loudout | Safe Traders | Wicked AI | Deploy Bike | Auto Refuel/Repair | Tow/Lift | Self BB | Take Clothes | Snap Build Pro | Harvest Weed | Weed Dealer | Indestructible Bases | Group Management | Custom Northern Airfield |

- Versions -
DayZ Epoch
DayZ Overwatch 0.2.5
(1.63 - 125548)

- Admins -

- Server Specifications -
Intel Xeon (8 Core)
1GB Uplink Network

- How To Join -

DayZ Commander

Steam Connect
-mod=@DayZOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch; -nointro -nosplash -connect= -port=2302

If you have any issues joining the server, please come in our TeamSpeak and we'll assist you with any issues you may have.
TeamSpeak IP:

Port: 2302

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Logan Falletta

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Added a Weed Field to gather hemp (right click knife)
Added a Weed Dealer (No Safe Zone)
Added 3000m & 4000m view distance setting
Updated Snap Building Pro
Updated Missions (More configuration to come)
Added MK19 to hero and bandit
Added M203 to hero and bandit
Added KA60 chopper with door gunner (Grenade launcher)
Added BTR40 and DshKM version to hero and bandit
Added additional Wholesaler

Small updates to loot tables

Added Black M24
Added non ghillie M40
Added variant of G36 (New Scope)
Added variant of HK416 (New Scope)

Logan Falletta

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- Updates - (9/5/2014)

** Updated to the latest - (Released 9/2 by infiSTAR **AH334D**)
** Updated the weed script to allow multiple hemp within the inventory
** Updated the system text when collecting weed

** Added dzgm Group Management (Right-click your Radio) - Latest 9/3 script by ebay

** Fixed Tow/Lift system - (vehicles now have a 2 feet gap between eachother when hitched)
** Fixed a few issues with gear disappearing when being kicked by

Logan Falletta

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- Updates - (9/7/2014)

** Updated WAI missions loot to now obtain Gold Briefs which will vary depending on level
** Reduced AI troops and accuracy on all missions to be more balanced