Greetings and late to the party

Hello! I am a new owner of the DEADALIVE PVE site and I was so happy to find this forum of open discussion regarding DayZ.

I am running the Panthera map and I think it's great! Covers all the terrains, and has plenty of zombies, loot and vehicles.

About vehicles... There seems to be an awful lot of vehicles popping up everywhere. I know this is a controllable element (just need to learn how). That's the great thing about this site! So many great things to learn from the people who have been there.

I have already learned a lot just browsing this site.

Anyhow, I am an emergency department nurse, part time nursing school clinical instructor and am working on my Masters in Education, and I still find time for DayZ.

I can also tell you that morphine does not repair a broken leg. :).

I'm addicted. :)

Thank you for all of the helpful advice you give in a daily basis.


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Welcome to the forums! I'm actually new as well. :)

For the vehicles, (for epoch at least) there is a line for max vehicle spawn in the init.sqf file in the mission pbo. (Or folder, depending on how the server is set up)

However, once you change that you will need to clean up the database. The vehicles that are already on the map will not disappear, you need to remove them. I personally cleared out my database because no one had any vehicles, I don't recommend you doing this though :p you can run a script in the data base to select vehicles without keys, and ones that haven't been used within 7 days. I can't remember the script, but if you poke around on the forum you should be able to find it.

Thanks for the reply! I will look for that line of code for max # of vehicles. As for deleting, that's what my Admin-ions are for. :).

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