[OPEN] Groupsystem with !setspawn

I have this idea and i want to know how to do it. At first, the most important is that it should run without additional files for clients. No workshop download!

Can i write into my init.c and some .txt files player groups and spawns? I mean if some group of atleast 3 players wants to have group benefice like own spawnpoints, one can types into the chat /creatgroup "NAME 1" "NAME 2" "NAME 3" to creat a new group/tribe/gang/clan - whatever you want to call it. With /inv "NAME" and /kick "NAME" you can get people into our out of the group.

Now the real goal of this is that i want groups to have their own spawnpoint with some conditions. The leader (or other ranks?) of the group should be able to use !setspawn, so they will spawn at "home". This should apply to all group members that has been invited before. I thought i could save players id and coordinates into txt file for managing groups and spawns. What do you people think, is this even possible without giving extra download to clients? :)

People that got their spawnpoint could spawn without gear, but people without spawnpoint have low gear. That would balance this out in some way. Some conditions should be that the spawn cant be set closer than 1,5km to military loot or another one that you only could set a spawn when you have build atleast 3 walls and 1 door around you in 25 meters... Just thinking ^^