[GZA] GER/EN Chernaus + Tavi(ori) + Napf | TS Support! search new player!!!


we the team [GZA] German Zombie Apocalypse looking for new players!

Server running very stable with very little desync!
Good scripts as example: Plotpole for life + Plotpolemanagement, Coinsystem, SnapbuildPro + Vector Building, tow and lift, virtual garage, Trade from Vehicle, Wicked AI Missions, Selfbloodbag, Deploy bike, Indestructible Base, Paint Vehicle ... more are being worked !!!

We are almost always reach the TS. Active forum!
simply "support channel" wait in one;-)


Greez your Schpeedy
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Vehicle Garage!!! working!!! 30days save!!! cars and heli!!! without gear for free!!!

Chernarus , Napf , Tavi(Origins Map) with Nautilus and Titanic

Greez Schpeedy
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