HALO Jumps for dayz


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Hi, im trying to get a HALO Jump script working for my server, so that you have the option to eject (parachute open when ejected) or do a HALO jump (parachute opens when you want it to open).
Everybody whos been on the BSM taviana server will probably know about it, they have it and its a very small script actually, but I didnt get permission to use it on my server, well... :(

Anyways ,I have this AAHALO script but is doesnt do anything yet on the server, and quite frankly i have no idea of scripting in ArmA2OA. The guy who made the BSM scripts told me that the vehicles need this kind of action bound to them. So how is it going to work? I also found this which is actually very close to what the BSM guy did Instant HALO with his script.http://www.kylania.com/ex/?p=94


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I think one issue to tackle is the change in velocity once you pull the ripcord. From what I've seen, it seems pretty instantaneous, so you would probablysee people using this to LALO in DayZ. (hop out of the chopper at say, 20 feet up and qiuckly pull the cord to stop from killing themselves.)


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Well, I redirects here, as I saw that your file is for the first ArmA, looks can be here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18446 it is compatible with OA

And amend, if you can do, depending on your needs. I just try this script with OA and 2d editor. I do not know if it works with dayz.
I intend to watch later. ;)
If anyone gets this to work correctly - do tell.

Halo/lalo/fastrope/tow/lift and such are on the list of things I'd like to play around with... For me I'd love to see a HALO spawn though... A small chance to get it
Gotten the lift, tow, and cargo to work, was working on halo and fast rope but with .5 so close i kinda stopped because i didn't feel like rebuilding everything again with the new server. So i'm just waiting for now.


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ok i tried out the shiny HALO script

the problem is, you can call it from the context menu ... but nothing happens except screen goes black for a sec and thats it. it doesnt ejects you and spawns a halo function as it should be doing


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You can get the working L3F towing out of my Wasteland Z port, i have some halo scripts working atm but the issue is that you will die if you do a halo more than once with out loggin out and back in.I also have the BTC lift script setup and working if you want to use that instead of the l3f(i like the chute and the way you can drop stuff)

I have been trying to do a halo on respawns and new users to my server. but i stopped messing with that cause im porting wasteland.
the files are in one of these, it adds a instant action menu like planet-side and uses wastelands respawn window for area selection. If you look in the fixes folder there is a halo drop and a jump.sqf file that lets you halo out of a air vehicles cargo area.


again its not that they dont work, its that you die on the 2nd attempt to halo after being on the server already.


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forgot to mention: HALO_init.sqs does work, however the issue is that you have a steerable parachute and not a ParachuteWest so what is going to to happen is server_updataobjects will kill it unless you assign a object id of 1 or higher.


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ok how do i assign this object id?

_parachuteWest = typeOf _object == "ParachuteWest";
cant i change this into :

_parachuteWest = typeOf _object == "ParachuteWest","Parachute","ParachuteEast","ParachuteG","ParachuteC","ParachuteBigWest","ParachuteBigEast","ParachuteMediumWest","ParachuteMediumEast";



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tried to do it with your stuff, its not working.
either i cant get the halo jump option to pop up or i get killed as soon as i pull the zipline

i edited the dayz_server.pbo server_updateobject.sqf so that it says any parachute returns _isNotOK as false
but still not working >_____<
what happens is :

first i have to get the halo dialog option to appear - thats a bug on its own...
i take off in a mi17 get to 500meters, HALO, freefall .... open chute and im dead...
20:47:14 "CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER VentZer0 B 1-1-B:1 (VentZer0) REMOTE IN ParachuteC"
20:47:15 "CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER VentZer0 B 1-1-B:1 (VentZer0) REMOTE IN ParachuteC"


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ok i got it to work now, it was a bruteforce method but it works now... finally!
i deleted the whole parachute routine in the server_cleanup.fsm and it works no problem.

all i need now is to change the halo jump action, that it only pops up when youre in an aircraft over a certain altitude and when youre not the pilot. suggestions, maybe?


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_vehicle addAction [("<t color=""#FF9800"">" + ("HALO Jump") + "</t>"), "halo\jump.sqf",[],2,false,true,"","(_this in _target) && (getPosATL player select 2) > 10"];

this seems to let the option appear only if youre in the air, at least thats how its ingame.
but you get it multiple times in the context menu and if someone is with you in the vehicle they get even more ..

this is how scroll menu looks like in game:
option random
option random
another option
another option

can anybody decyper what " ,[],2,false,true,"","(_this in _target) && (getPosATL player select 2) > 10"]; " actually does? without it the halo option is available when youre standing near the aircraft.

btw this is how i call the halo script in the fn_selfactions.sqf:

if (
cursorTarget isKindOf "Air"
) then {
_vehicle = cursorTarget;
_HALO_Jump = player getVariable["HALO_Jump",false];
if( !_HALO_Jump ) then {
_vehicle setVariable ["HALO_Jump", true];
_vehicle addAction [("<t color=""#FF9800"">" + ("HALO Jump") + "</t>"), "halo\jump.sqf",[],2,false,true,""," (_this in _target) && (getPosATL player select 2) > 10"];

note that eventhough it says cursortarget iskindof "air" ... i cant get the HALO option in the Mv22 Osprey to work.
only if vehicles are able to be repaired or can be harvested for parts the halo option appears.


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This is the code that works in multi player on non dayz servers:

This is the information for addAction:

You should have these wiki's bookmarked:

You should visit and bookmark these pages if you want a easy way to look up commands:

Local install version of above information, Arma Command look up tool:

You should be coding with either Notepad++ or Eclipse with the appropriate syntax highlighter. Go with notepad++ if eclipse looks intimidating. Then when you hover over "addAction" it will tell you what all that means.

Download for eclipse indigo: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/indigo/sr2
Download ArmaDev plugin for eclipse http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15134

Download Notepad++ version 5.7 here: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v5.7.html
Download the SQF synatx file here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?91939-Notepad-SQF-syntax-highlight (or here: http://arma.jonasscholz.de/armascript )


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I wouldn't bind halo jumping to air vehicles, but anything above 100m since you need at least 80m to make it to the ground in a normal chute jump(non halo/controlled), also you could be in a vehicle that is getting towed/airlifted.

This is the code i was playing with.
    if (_inVehicle and (getPos player select 2 > 100)) then {
        if (s_player_halojump < 0) then {
            s_player_halojump = player addAction ["Halo Jump", "fixes\jump.sqf",[], 0, false, true, "",""];
    } else {
        player removeAction s_player_halojump;
        s_player_halojump = -1;
You can pull this out of my wasteland port to dayz here:

i removed this code in v2 but it is still there until i can trouble shoot it again.