HellZone Expansion - NEW/Heli's/Airdrops/No traders


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Hi everybody,

I want to inform you about a new DayZ server.
Its called HellZone Expansion.
The idea behind the server is to keep it clean and more down to what DayZ is all about.

- Running around actually having to find good loot, or kill players to get it
- That means no traders, so no money system either
- No Trader also means you have to find food from houses and tree's or kill animals and cook meat

We added the expansion mod with all the mods that fix allot of the glitches in the expansion mod.
- No exploding heli's
- No bouncing heli's (they do still shake a bit like their cold, but they stay in place more or less)
- No having to close and open safe's to be able to acces them
- Vanilla basebuilding is turned off, so just expansion basebuilding
- Airdrops

The Expansion mod comes with some built in mechanics to make things a bit more easy.
- Earplugs
- Autowalk/Run
- Killfeed
- Map with advanced marker system

Next to that we added a few mods to make life a bit better.
- Bulletstacks (larger stacks of bullets)
- InventoryPlusPlus (larger inventory space in your clothes)
- Better Inspect (select an item to see what attachments fits them)
- Fliptransport (car or heli flipped on its back, use a wrench to flip it back)
- Usefull Batteries (All battery types last 4x longer then default)

There are several active admins to fix any problems. It still is DayZ so there are always little glitches in the game.
The server is now open since a week so its still fresh. No bases in every barn ;)

I hope you there soon! :)