Help Change loot spawn rate and lower zed spawns

Hi guys im trying to fine the info on changing the loot spawn rate for more loot and also lowering the zed spawns for some more fun in the game. I know you guys are making the map to be more hardcore but i was to make the server more PVP fun. With all the zeds we have now its just not working. i only want to half the zeds and up the loot a bit more.

Please if you know how to do this can you please let me know.
thanx limit79

Nonov Urbizniz

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I know Seven has been talking about doing this for a while.

Just FYI we're not being dicks or secretive. We are working on the next release, and Rocket seems to have a psychic connection to when we've finshed a code base.. because he always seems to approve the next code base once we do...

Seven finished 1.7.6 code base version the night before Rocket confirmed the 1.7.7 change log was good to release.

SO not sure if he is going to scrap 1.7.6 and go w 1.7.7 or keep building out 1.7.6.... I"m sure he will have made a decision by today, butwe will be focused on getting the next version out asap.

I will check and see if he has the time.

Keep in mind it's a brand new map and not may people seem to be doing vids on it (I think psi doing so much with it was a GREAT THING, but it obviously discourages less popular youtubers, thinking they aren't going to get many or more
views on a new map that someone big has already covered.

Also keep in mindy CIvillian came out, and a LARGE percentage of the population that was playing Sahrani are what I call "first wavers" IE they check out ALL the new maps/mods and don't revisit very many... its usually to check out the new features and make videos that are more likely to get views.

I'm going to do some more work on promoting it a bit more, and hope others can do the same thing, every little bit helps.

Back to OT... FYI it REALLY is possible to do PVP as is, you just have to be SMART about it. We really really encourage people to at least TRY to survive, it's really not that hard. The zombies are not super zeds, and the numbers are not huge... it's max 40/city... that is drastically lower than what people say they want for standalone... and they don't even hit harder yet... The only thing we've done is re-enabled the hearing.

We will provide the info you are looking for it someone else does not in the meantime, but why would you want to have zombies that are not an issue in a zombie game? Seems so silly.... you should have to sneak around the zombies to get your shots, and you should only be taking shots when you're pretty sure its a kill. Then run and lose the zombies. Ust a suggestion.