[SOLVED] Help, no vehicles are spawning in servers.

Don KNotts

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I'm running 3 dayz mod servers from the pwnz0r files, 1 is cherno, 1 utes n 1 lingor. None are spawning vehicles. Any help on spawning random vehicles into the servers. I had this vehicles.pl script but it doesn't work any longer with my xampp db.


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does any of you know how to spawn vehicles in single player dayz?
Some girl wrote this:

"This worked for me for one of the Heli's, but there is no Name in the Vehicles Spawner window, just a button to spawn the vehicle at Cursor."

"VehicleName": "ExpansionUh1h",
"DisplayName": "ExpansionUh1h",
"Parts": [

But she didn't tell me where to put it! anyone here know?