Help with new Dayz Overwatch server ... Need scripting help ...

Our Clan is setting up its own Dayz Overwatch server but none of use know anything about scripting. We have a long list of needs for the server. We will pay for your time. Email me at if you can help. Here is our list:

Dayz Overwatch server scripts and changes
Deploy Bike
Deploy Gyro-copter
Upgrade Gyro to little bird to Merlin
Upgrade Hmvs to HMV 240
Increase vehicle Spawns to 900+
With Helo
No Tanks

Increase loot spawns
New spawn / Respawn Parachute
Default load out
* Weapon 9m
* 2 clips
* basic packback
* Compass
* Watch
* Map
* Beer
* 2 Banages
* Morphin
* Painkillers
Custom NPC Missions that showup on the map
Supply Drops
Custom Bases
Donator Bases
Less Zombies
Weaker Zombies