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Firstly i know that alot of people on this forum, have been putting in a shed load of time into Sahrani.. It really does have MASSIVE potential.. and although a little empty in area's... is one very very nice map.. The scale of it.. is mind blowing.

We have a server that is currently setup but experience its fair ammount of bugs. (debug zone in trader citys etc) We are using the Dayzcommander version of the map..

Although this is cheating somewhat. i was curious if there was any "advanced" template that could be taken for Sahrani, (keeping to the dayzcommander version) with some nice towns added in the Hills and deserts, meaning its a little more populate, and also had some of the more popular traits of Dayz such as Self bloodbag, Re-fuel, bloodbag, building menu etc etc..

Im completely fresh to this, so please be patient with my ignorance.

Thank you in advance to any guidance that can be provided in helping me get something sorted.

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Heya, I'm sort of confused by your message, so be patient with me too :)

On the bugs, its pretty surely not us, you can post a pastebin of the RPT's I can tell you what's causing them.

On the Map, just for your information:
1. Sahrani is a terrain from Arma 1 originally created by Bohemia Interacive for the Game Armed Assault (arma 1)

2. M1lkm8n has done ALL the work on the terrain for the SMD_Sahrani_A2 Version of the terrain. All our previously released versions of DayZ Sahrani (0.2.1, 0.7.8) have been on the Caa1 build of the terrain by kju[PVPSCENE] (a longtime community member and ex employee of Bohemia Interactive), which is MUCH older, and was never meant to be used for JUST Sahrani... it was a project that brought ALL of Arma 1's content into Arma 2 as quick as possible. ONLY the current version of the DayZ Sahrani mod is on "our" version of the terrain "SMD_Sahrani_A2"

3. Caa1 is no longer supported, SMD_Sahrani_A2 will be supported for the next few years at least.

4. Long term we will make terrain level changes to Sahrani to reflect 7 years of unification between the north and the south, and no more active war/conflict. So there will be larger cities, no burned out/destroyed buildings, and some entirely new cities. But that is still quite a ways off. BUT for now our priorities are getting the original map, with more opened up buildings out for A2 and A3.

5. Although a bit confusing right now, the SMD_Sahrani_A2 version is now split, the current 0.9.7 DayZ Sahrani build has a more advanced version of it than is available on the BI forums or Armaholic. That will be sorted out in the next few weeks after I return from vacation and M1lkm8n hands me a finalized build I can push to both Arma folks AND DayZ folks.

6. Our current mod has singleplayer enabled, so it should be easy enough for anyone to add whatever buildings etc they want, Terrain editing is another story all together.

7. Our current version (0.9.7) (and previous) has self bloodbagging, crafting (not epoch's), auto refuel (however it's slow and will soon require restored power, as well as the proper tools)