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For all the ones with BE issues: i really, really urge you to understand how BE works. There are some decent posts on the BI forums to explain this.

In short: in the scripts.txt are all code fragments that are caught by BE as being suspicios. The number at the beginning of the line stands for:

1 = Log detection
2 = log detection to server console
4 = kick for detection

these can be added. So what you usually see is something like e.g.

5 addAmmo !"\"addAmmo\","

This means:

5 = kick and log (see above) anybody that executes the script code "addAmmo". do NOT kick players that execute
"addAmmo", . Pay attention to the comma. The backslashes above are used to escape the doublequotes.

Once you understand this logic, it's pretty easy to check in your scripts.log file which script code triggered a kick, and add the corresponding exception.

Another example:

Lets assume in your scripts.log is an entry that states:

SOMETIME Player IP Hash value - #10 "somebadcode that is NOT bad"

Then you lookup in your scripts.txt line number 12 (should be always 2 above the #number) and this will define:

#5 somebadcode

To make BE not kick a player for using the above code, change that line in scripts.txt to:

#5 somebadcode !"somebadcode that is NOT bad"

by this exception, BE will pass that code fragment. Anyone sending "somebadcode" will still be kicked, anyone sending
"somebadcode that is NOT bad" will be able to join and will not be kicked.

Hope this explains, and please please please read up on BE filters and how to use them. Everyone that runs a server SHOULD know how these things work.


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