I need help with traders!

This may not be the right place of the website but im sure somone can help.
im trying to add items to the traders in my database and i have no clue on how to do that..
if anyone can help i have skype and teamspeak.

Skype : robert_sevenfold

Teamspeak :
run a sql query using the classname for the item you want to add for example if i wanted to add the M110 NVG sniper

you would use
INSERT INTO `traders_data` (`item`,`qty`,`buy`,`sell`,`order`,`tid`,`afile`) VALUES ('["M110_NVG_EP1",3]',10,'[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]','[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]',0,477,'trade_items')

this would add the item to trader id 477 which can be found in the server_traders.sqf for 4 gold bars to buy 2 hold bars to sell we use selection 3 at the end of the classname because it is a weapon

buy or sell [qty,"classname",type]
Use the following as a table for items types in the columns Item, Buy and Sell:
  • Weapons = 3