INFIstar Problems [White Screen & Kill]


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Hello to the commuity I recently came across a problem I believe is related to INFIstar antihack tool. One of my good buddies had bought a Dayz Mod server host from and he wanted to get INFIstar for the server. When he tried to log in the server with the antihack checked on, and his player UID selected as normal admin, he got a white screen when loading and then froze. I logged in as lower admin and even normal and could use both and play without any problems. Also it temp banned him and started killing him over and over and I double clicked and took him off the tempban list. It still gives him white screen. Why is this happening?


Yep, thats an infiStar issue with the latest Arma2 patch. Nothing you can do about it atm, as far as I know. I´m just updating to the latest infiStar version to test it, but I think it´s something the chris (inifstar) has to take care of.