[INFO] Trinity Island


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Hello, i want to present you a new Map for DayZ.​

~ Here is a map overview ~

And here u can find a few screenshots​
source: armaisland.info​

Map Overview Video by McLupo​
source: youtube.com​
~ about Trinity ~
  • Mediterranean European style
  • the best forests, i've ever saw
  • 2x Airfield's - 1 small airfield at the west and 1, the biggest in the north
  • You can find many Army Barracks, so it would not be hard to find military stuff
  • Many few villages and a few of them got manually improved by us to bring more lootspots to you ( Map is in developing by Hotzenplotz! )
~ Features ~
~ Auto-Refuel @ gas station ~
~ more weapons ( Famas, P99, G3, Galil, HK417, HK416, ACR, etc. ~
~ rebalanced weapons ( banned M107, AS50 )​
~ more skins based on humanity or maybe u can find it ~
~ even more faces/hats @ edit profile for more individual playerstyle ~
~ idea for a nicely skill system ~
*not sure if i can get this to work @ arma 2 or later in dayz standalone*
~ new vehicles like:​
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX​
CH-47 ( rebalanced )​
*more coming soon*
~ other features coming soon ~

Thanks and credits goes to: ( inclusive the right to use their addons )
- Hotzenplotz ( for this good looking map --> now @ 2.0 )
- wld247 from the Project RACS Team
- RobertHammer for his RH HK416 Pack
- Schnapsdrosel for his BlackOps and Desert Mercenaries Package
- Christian.1987 for few addons ( MP7, P99, Famas & CH47-Reskin )
- the whole opendayz.net community!
- more coming soon


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changelog 0.14:
  • unbanned the whole searchlights ( better nightplay "possible"?! )
  • unbannned CH-47 ( now working on rebalancing = change the 2 miniguns to M240 )
  • changed the tent design from Land_A_tent to ACamp_EP1
  • Insert a new Pistol Pack ( P99 Waffenpack by Christian.1987 )
  • Insert a new Rifle Pack ( FAMAS Pack by Christian.1987 )
  • testing a few cars ( Nissan Skyline GTR-R34 = SHIT!, now testing Mitsubishi Lancers )
  • working on few new lootable skins ( more civilian like )
  • overhauled trinity island ( more buildings, lootspots, atmosphaere/environment )
  • new available choppers USEC Bell 206B ( 4 different versions )
  • removed stalker skins ( sry guys, shit animations like a "rubber human" <-- \o/
changelog 0.15 ( Date: 7th April, 2013 )
  • banned M107 & AS50 family
  • Insert a new SMG Weaponpack ( MP7 Pack by Christian.1987 )
  • Insert a few british soldier woodland skins
  • balanced mitsubishi lancer's ( was very quick and dangerous to drive! )
  • 3 new backpacks ( from PRACS weapon pack + balanced/tweak for their visible model )


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Mitsubishi Lancers !! Yeah !!

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Yeah! :D
I think I will add these vehicles! But the maximum speed of 200 km/h too fast in my opinion. I think I will balance the maximum speed somewhere in the range of 130-145 km/h. So they're still faster than the SUV's and Golfs ;)

Dude those cars are fing sweet. I am biased tho I drive a '09 evo :p

Map looks awesome too, i'd consider throwing up a server if you guys plan to release the files.
im always getting the error : you cannot play or edit this content it depends on the deleted content blabla and end up in Something went wrong, please try again

help `?!


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remove the whole old trinity mod ( @trinity which includes the map cwr_ files etc. ) and the @dayz_trinity ( with the dayz_code files etc. ) and install the 0.5 file again!