iniDB Arma 3 wasteland server.

Yes I got it working! both Base/Player Saving.Just got really frustrated towards the endgame but some of the files that were default from host were outdated so deleted them and downloaded new ones from github.I even tried to bribe Gagi2 for help but got it working before he could reply. Most of the errors were in the absence of the A3Wasteland_Settings folder that just was not there in default server files.
Hello All,
I have a few questions for members who know more about A3 than me.
1. Does anyone have saving money working on A3Wasteland_v0.9f.Altis?
I have Base/Player Inventory saving just not the "Money".Money is saving to the db/uid but when I respawn just the default amount is there.I have tested these additions to:

[_uid, _uid, "MagazinesWithAmmoCount", magsWithAmmoCounts] call fn_SaveToServer;
//[_uid, _uid, "Weapons", Weapons player] call fn_SaveToServer;

moneyLevel = player getVariable "cmoney";
[_uid, _uid, "Money", moneyLevel] call fn_SaveToServer;

if(_varName == 'PrimaryWeapon') then{player addWeapon _varValue; primaryLoaded = 1;};
if(_varName == 'HandgunWeapon') then{player addWeapon _varValue; handgunLoaded = 1;};
if(_varName == 'SecondaryWeapon') then {player addWeapon _varValue; secondaryLoaded = 1;};
if(_varName == 'Money') then {
moneyLevel = _varValue;
player setVariable ["cmoney", _varValue, true];
moneyLoaded = 1;
Still not working on respawn. :(

2. What are "Warchests" for and how do you use them?
I can access them in game, in the form of a cash register on a desk and an input panel comes up.I think they are used for group money collection point just not sure how to Deposit/Withdraw money from them.
Check your PM, I had huge problems getting this to work with Vilayer hosted server.I got it all working in the end but took me ages.
I am using @inidbi v14 with Wasteland Altis 0.9g which has most persistence issues fixed in this version.
Hope this helps.