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EDIT: Apparently , I can post to private servers now :p

My son has decided to start up a server and has enlisted me as his main admin and general script monkey. Everything is paid up front so the server will be around for a very long time. All we need now are some regulars to help build the community. We'll add more slots as we need to , but for now it's pretty empty. So if you can, come and say hi.

IP: Port: 2302
You will need these mods: (loaded in this order)
Lingor(Skaro 2.3.1)
DayZ Epoch(
They need to load in that order too..

This server is intended for hardcore survival players (PVP and PVE), not for the weak or those easily triggered into rage quitting. We have active admins and new moderators will be recruited over time.

Basic rules/information:

1. No hacking/cheating (goes without saying really).

2. No safe zones, so be vigilant.

3. Don't log off or leave vehicles in Trader zones.

4. When you log in for the first time, choose your faction by right mouse clicking the dogtags in your toolbelt: Choosing Bandit faction will give you negative humanity for Zed and Mission AI kills, and choosing Hero faction will give you the normal preset of plus humanity. Please note that this feature only helps your work towards your chosen faction, it does not give you access to Hero or Bandit traders, you will still need to be level 1 for that. Also note that killing players whether you're in the hero or bandit faction will give normal Epoch humanity values. So it's easy to choose Hero faction and suddenly find yourself in the Bandit zone. One last thing, once you reach Level 1 hero or bandit , you are automatically set to that Faction whether you chose it or not (I guess that makes sense right?). Anyway, once a bandit, pretty much always a bandit :p

5. Origin house details can be accessed by right clicking on your toolbox (when you find one) and click README FIRST.

6. When you purchase a vehicle the key code will be saved to your keycode system. This means that you won't need your key to lock/unlock or GPS locate your vehicle. If you want your friends or clan members to use the vehicle, give them a copy of the key. ONLY you can GPS locate the vehicle , so even if you're killed and a bandit gets your key, they won't find your vehicle if you've hidden it. Also, keep a copy in your safe as vehicles without keys are still deleted after a couple of weeks. Oh and each player is limited to 5 vehicles using the keycode system, and if you change usernames or profiles, you lose access to your keycode system for the previous username/account (switching back to that account will give you access again)!

7. When you first log in to our server you will be given a map and one bandage. The map is to help you get a feel for the island and to help you note where the traders are etc. Once you die for the first time on our server , you will respawn without any gear at all (not even a map). So please use the first spawn wisely and get yourself a safe/lockbox for those map collections :p

8. We've got plot management (exactly like plot 4 life when you add yourself to the friends list) and door management. We've also made it so that any friends added to your plot pole can also open and close your origin houses/garages/stronghold (within the plotpole area). Anyone found abusing this system in anyway will be permabanned (ban hammer at the ready).

9. For everything else use your commons sense, ask in-game or here. Oh and please don't be a douche :p
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