Is this even possible?


(with proper permissions from the author's, of course)

I would like to try to integrate the amazing work that has been done upgrading Celle's weapon / loot tables into Chernarus... does anyone have any idea is this is even possible?

Manatee Hunter

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I recommend going straight to the guys who've released the RH weps, the MAP EU editor pack and all the other cool things Celle has... It's a shame more mods don't just throw in tons of diff packs and let admins sort out their own loot tables and vehicle spawns if they want to.


I'll hit up Google, but any direction would be great, I'm not even sure who to contact for what at this point. :)

I just think it would be a cool project for me to learn more, and everyone likes Chernarus! (Thanks as always MH :) )

Edit: Ok, found them at Armaholic, great. Now I need to figure out how to integrate them!