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Chris Atkins

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Edit: Closed permanently.

New Epidemic server @
Temporarily being used for testing for another mod.

  1. Axeman's light script (all 3).
  2. Custom map locations.
  3. Auto refuel added.
  4. infiSTAR antihack (v3.26) for server security.
  5. Mission system coming soon.
  6. And looking into adding some of the DayZ code for spawning gender selection and modified halo spawn location for Celle.
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  • I run non-PvP servers for the co-op experience. The AI and Mission System are available for hostile engagements.
This is a work in progress and will be improved upon.

Epidemic is a highly underrated mod and deserves quite a bit of credit. It is well put together and I hope to see this ported to ArmA 3 eventually (hopefully the porting process begins this year).

In the meantime, feel free to join and raid Sanctuary with us!

***EDIT - 3/7/2014:
-Added features include self blood bag, auto refuel, DZMS, full moon nights, new towns, new prison, and town expansions.

***EDIT - 4/3/2014
-FIXED: Bike killing players after deploy issue has been fixed.
-FIXED: Halo spawns working as they should, no more spawning at ground level.
-added night fog, 11pm-5am server time.
-added weather effects, wind, dust, and earthquakes.
-added basic spawning loadout (M16A4 ACOG, M9sd)

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It's good to see you starting up a new server. Your servers are always top notch.

Sadly it seems some of the root bugs of epidemic are still there. Namely the buggy loot spawns. Hopped in 15min after a restart. Hit up an entire town and not a single piece of loot to be found.

Chris Atkins

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Sorry to hear that. I think it's more of the custom loot tables that are default to Overwatch. Also remember, if you are in a vehicle and pass through a "spawn trigger" this will actually prevent loot from spawning. If you enter a town in a vehicle, exit the vehicle, run about 100+ meters away from your intended loot position, and this shall trigger a loot spawn. Also, there are certain houses that do not spawn loot unfortunately, and again, that has to deal with the custom loot tables that were implemented by the developers.

Hopefully an Epidemic update will come, but right now nothing is set in stone. I'd love to be able to port Epi to Chernarus or Taviana 3.0, but that requires some convincing. Anyhow, a revival of Epidemic would be awesome.
I have to say Chris, you have done a fantastic job on your server. I prefer Epidemic because of the AI invasion but your server adds events which makes it even better.

It would be awesome if you could port this to other maps but that could take some work, as most other maps are far too large and they feel extremely empty at times but all maps have a ton of potential to be great.

Keep up the good work.
Been playing your server alot lately, it's excellent. However, in all my journeys around the map I am yet to find a single vehicle of any kind.
Is it a 0 vehicle server ? Or have they been hoarded away in no man's land ?

It would be cool if you could add the 'Construct Bicycle from toolbox' script, because Celle is such an enormous map, and it feels even bigger when you are desperately searching for a health pack or antibiotics.
April 1st. Seems the server is gone ? Is it down for updates, or, being 1st of the month, did you decide to close the server ?

Chris Atkins

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It's been moved to a new location. HFB placed it in the wrong location to begin with. Search "Jedi Knight Gaming" on DayZ Comm. The server is up and running.

New IP & port:
EDIT - just saw the IP address posted above, removed my request for the IP address. Thanks, I found it now.

Is it still the same amazing custom map that was on the old Epi map ? Are there any land vehicles this time (apart from the vehicle mission ones that despawn at restart) ?
Will there be more Daytime ? I played for 8 hours straight from 9pm to 4am (in-game time) and it was unrelenting pitch blackness. It would be nice to have more day than night.

Will there be active AI roaming the map this time ? On the old server they seemed to not exist, I guess because of the AI missions ?

Does the move to the new IP address mean that the database was wiped and I have to start again, lose my gear, my super rare Mi17, my kill stats ?
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That's great, thanks ! I had some problems with it though. I tried it for the first time and within 50m or so I was dead with -21,000 blood, which is a bummer because I was up to 158 AI kills. I am reluctant to try the bike again to find out if it was a freak occurrence.

There were also issues for me and other players with the skydive on respawn. We spawned at ground level in the skydiving position. You can 'open chute' to get around it I wonder if the bike script is causing the problem because it used to work fine ?

Also, the hospital at Lachendorf seems to have unbreakable windows. I wasted 20 DMR rounds trying to break it open.
The new fire station near the US Base just outside the town of Celle - going down the stairs threw me through the window onto the roof and broke my legs.

Are there any OpenDayz scripts that fix the 'damaged chopper glass = no fuel' bug ? I fully repaired my chopper just before logging off. Logged back in and the glass was at 76% and all the fuel was gone. No way anyone found it and damaged it, as it was over 5,000m into the debug plains.

Do you have any plans to add 'Base Building' to the map ? Preferably base building with materials that spawn in large numbers.

Chris Atkins

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*Bike killing players issue has been fixed.

*Halo spawns working as they should
Lachnedorrf hospital glass opened for me with one shot from an M9. First window, left side of the entrance is the 1 shot window (on every hospital I've entered; on every mod I've played). If there is in fact an issue with thtat hospital, that is out of my control as that is not an addon from me.

I ran up and down the stationhouse steps from floor 1 to 3 and back up and down a dozen time...everything is normal. I'd say it was a rare glitch on your client that cause the issue you experienced.

As far as basebuilding's a hell of a merge...not sure if I'm up to the task right now or anytime soon.
When will you be bringing the server back Chris ? It is showing in my DZC favourites as just an IP address with a 10,000 ping instead of the locked Overwatch server.