Land Vehicle Patrols and all that CRAP on the roads...


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Started up a DayZ Mod server a couple weeks back and have got DZAI running on it. I've currently got AI air and Land vehicle patrols as well as dynamic AI foot patrols. Everything is working great. The only problem I see is the land patrols get stuck on all the crap on the roads. They'll just sit there and plow into a pile of rubble for hours unless a player engages them - or they despawn after the timer expires when all players leave the area. They also have a tendency to end up in Novy and Stary quite frequently, probably because I think Novy is the center of the map and the AI Patrol often has to go through Stary/Novy on its way to whatever dynamic waypoint has been set.

My question is, is there anyway to make the AI realize the road is blocked and head offroad to go around the town? Anyone else notice this issue or have any luck fixing it?

As it stands now, if you want to fight AI, just head to Novy or Stary and hangout for a while. Before long, an AI patrol will be there, stuck on the main road somewhere.

I've one extreme example I have seen is where people have actually removed all the DayZ clutter, essentially returning Chernarus to it's out of the box state. Don't really want to do that. You lose some of the cool atmosphere that stuff creates, also some of the base locations, etc. I have thought about just blowing away all the stuff on the roads at Novy/Stary, but realize they'll just get stuck at the next town down the road.

Is there a way to get them to head offroad?