loadscreen.paa missing

so i having a problem seems when i unpack and repack the dayz_code.pbo upon starting the game i get a error message stating that i am missing the file loadingscreen.paa tho i have checked and the file is there so whats going on?
And I'm editing the loot tables to add custom guns to my server well I already have them added in I just need them to spawn like other loot now


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That will require anyone that joins your server to download new client files you know right?
Yes Ik that won't be a problem as there only 30 people that play and there all my friends so I can distribute the file easily. Any idea on the error tho? Cause I've tried multiple programs for unpacking and packing still get the same error


I found that sometimes if you have replaced a loadscreen with a custom one then the old picture actually stays in the dayz_1.chernarus folder in MP missions (if using HFB servers). I had to manually delete the old one a second time via filezilla. This got rid of the problem for me.

This was despite repacking the pbo etc by the way.