Looking to expand the team (dev)


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Good day to you all!

We are currently a small 2-man team looking for other likeminded people that finds it exhilirating to create an epic gaming experience for others! We have proficiency in most coding and programming languages, and IRL we work together at a software incubator in Srockholm. We are new to Arma 3 server keeping/hosting, but have really taken a liking to it! Now after approximately 2-3 months we feel we have the collected knowledge and skill to even create our own, fully fledged mod. Albeit, we still have lots of custom scripts to test on our hardware managed server machine which is if not the best, one of the highest performing game server machines man has ever built! (R5E, 5960X, 3100mHz DDR4, 1GB/s M.2 SSD etc. :D)

If you have even the slightest inclination to step over to the dev side of things, shedding, and leaving your "player" skin behind - add and message this steamname: 'SP4R.COM - Epic Arma 3 Servers'

All friendly, mature and progressive peeps are welcome to join up!