Loot spawn Pos file?

Does anyone have the loot spawn pos file handy? the one that shows the lootpos for each building?
I would love to add positions from Taviana to EPOCH(and Tavi Epoch).

You can use Mikero's Dos Tools (DePbo) to open kh_taviana.pbo to get the tables you are after. The details are in CfgBuildingLoot in config.cpp.

kh_taviana.pbo uses config patching, so the tables are merged by ARMA with the Chernarus tables.
Was able to root through it using pboView, but couldnt find loot locations for land_mil_barracks
I will keep looking elsewhere. The CFGBuildingloot looked pretty generic in Config.cpp.
If "land_mil_barracks" is one of the ones that doesn't open, it should be in there.

If it is the one with doors and a hallway, that'll be part of DayZ's loot tables (in dayz_code.pbo).
Im seeing a KH_dayztaviana.pbo, a taviana.pbo, and a tavi.pbo

It is the barracks that does not open, the ones in the north and south end of Lypostok that spawn loot behind them.
It's defiantly in kh_dayztaviana.pbo, here's the entry:

    class Land_Mil_Barracks : Military {
        lootPos[] = {
            { -8.05664, -5.53223, -2.05102 },
            { -9.28125, -3.14355, -2.05102 },
            { -10.207, -0.232422, -2.05102 },
            { -9.27344, 3.78809, -2.05102 },
            { -5.61914, 5.72363, -2.05102 }