Lots of RPT errors with 1.5 update?


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I was using SARGE AI 1.1 after the ARMA 2 OA beta PATCH 112555
And i started getting lots of RPT errors.

So i updated to 1.5, and im still getting RPT errors?

I run an Overpoch server on Latest epoch and Overwatch.

RPT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9q330m1mzj9ln9c/4908 (1).RPT

any ideas?
sarge ai is no longer being developed you should move to a more current AI system such as DZAI or WickedAI

this often happens with new beta patchs, they break old scripts or functions or things need to be done in a new order, etc

niall straughan

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Updated to DZAI! Works perfectly, better frames, got the static spawns done

P.S Can you make static heli spawns like SARGE?