Making ‘Taviana’ map for SA

Decided since Martin is a d***, that I’m going to try to develop the Taviana map from scratch, and redesign the map as close but different as I can. Probably a slightly different layout, and a lot of Chernarus buildings and such, I believe if I use those assets, and modify the terrain enough, I won’t be liable to any lawsuits. I think it’s ridiculous he’s been pulling in profit from a “non-profit” mod including his map, and the Origins mod and refuses to let anyone port it for the Origins stand-alone, so if anyone here has any ideas please let me know.

Worst case scenario, I hope to bring the same vibe to DZ SA as Taviana brought to the mod, and hopefully if this takes off for me, I plan to release it open source and possibly allow modifications done. (I wouldn’t want to flood the community with a bunch of different Tavianania maps though, so this could change..)

Lastly, I will more than likely name it something else. Due to the nature of modding, I doubt any action would be taken to any courts, but I’ll try my best to play it safe.

Thanks, anyone interested please let me know your ideas!
I completely support your efforts. Martin really is a d*** I have spoke with him before on using the map for a rivate whistelisted server for a few buddies and he completely rejected that. Really is a shame it is probably one of the best community maps I have ever played on and it is a real shame he is with holding rights to use it in anyway as it infringes on his profits. Which im still amazed he is actually making profit from origins.