Map Port Question?


I have a problem and wondering if someone knows a solution.

I'm trying to port a new map into Epoch mod.

I have everything changed in mission folder / server.cfg / server.bat files to it points to -mod=@mymap;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server

When logging in it takes me to the Chernarus map. Is there another place I am missing on this? Everything I read does not say anything different.

Any help will be appriciated .

Thank You in advance


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Have you definied your map in the serverconfig?

class Missions
class Mission1
template = "Yourmap";



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you can upload files to mega and send me a link via pm and i will take a look (files: ( mpmission, instance both folder and server bat,@DayZ_Epoch_Server, @mymap))


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Hi affraid, it sounds like the same problem, what i have had with the applegate map.
When your problem is not solved yet, let me take a look at your files.