Military Tent Showcase & Where To Find

Partnered up with the Global Gaming fellas we headed towards northwest airfield. The chaps on point discovered not one but two, Military tents. The Military tent is brand new to DayZ Standalone. They were found in the bunk bed quarters known as the Officers cabins.

Originally both were damaged but we were able to repaired them to 'worn' status with the sewing kit. The Military tent is an epic 252 slot, perfect for your whole team - who needs a civilian, 60 slot tent when you can get one of these bad boys! You can close the door and all the windows. Packing it up is fairly simple - Remove any objects in the slots of the tent and look at center pole inside the tent, click "pack tent".

The tent replaces your entire bag slot but aslong as you have a tactical vest and large pants you should have enough slots to carry still your essentials. To pitch the tent you can do this whilst its on your back or on the floor, right click and select pitch tent. Right time for photoshoot. Thanks for watching guys, make sure to subscribe for more DayZ content and il see you in the next one.

Global Gaming:

Music: The Glitch Mob - Animus Vox