Minor Problem with server config :)


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We setup an I44-DayZ-Server today. All is fine beside some minor things.
We dont get a vehicle spawn yet... .


2013-02-24 19:50:44 Database: [Error] Error 1054 (Unknown column 'Hitpoints' in 'field list') in MySQLQuery SQL: 'select iv.id as id, v.class_name, 0 as owner_id, iv.worldspace, iv.inventory, iv.parts, iv.fuel, iv.damage from `instance_vehicle` iv join `world_vehicle` wv on iv.`world_vehicle_id` = wv.`id` join `vehicle` v on wv.`vehicle_id` = v.`id` where iv.`instance_id` = 1 union select id.`unique_id`, d.`class_name`, id.`owner_id`, id.`worldspace`, id.`inventory`, `Hitpoints`, `Fuel`, `Damage` from `instance_deployable` id inner join `deployable` d on id.`deployable_id` = d.`id` where id.`instance_id` = 1 AND `deployable_id` IS NOT NULL'
2013-02-24 19:50:44 Database: [Error] Failed to fetch objects from database
We hope, you can help us :).