Mission editing ELI5

I'm in need of a ground up tutorial on mission editing. I'm a complete noob, and google does not seem to get me anywhere. I have just purchased a server, and was SURE that I could figure things out. I have seen a few different tutorials, but they seem to be for someone that has a general idea of scripting already. So if anyone has the patients, or knows a great (very visual) tutorial to ELI5 (explain like I'm 5), that would be awesome.

I'm not looking for insults and questions on why I decided to start a server, that is all I've received on other forums, and not only does it not help, but it's frustrating, and its a waste of everyones time. I realize this post may have been posted before, but I either can't find it, or what I have seen is not clicking in my head for one reason or another. I'm an EXTREMELY visual learner. Reading a bunch of text just gets mixed up in my head, and results in confusion and frustration

So I apologize for a most likely repetitive question, and my total lack of script editing knowledge, but everyone starts somewhere...right?

If you are not going to help, please don't respond

Thanks in advance!!!
This is friggin great, and I plan on reading through all of it in the next few dayz, but I'm on VertHosting, and I cannot find where the files I need to change are.

I made a custom Splash screen, and found the 'description.ext' I got to edit it, but the file path for the load screen is nowhere that I can access. So I edited it anyways and tried to create a work around, and it gave me a warning saying that another application was using the file

...I'm so confused


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Well description.ext is in your mission file root, and to change the screen just change this line.

loadScreen = "\z\addons\dayz_code\gui\dayz_logo_ca.paa";
Last night I found that file, downloaded it, and wanted to change the line and replace the old Splash, but I could not find where that directory was pointing to. Is the "Z drive" that whole folder that is on VertHosting? Because any addon file that I click on, does not have a folder called 'dayz_code', or the others. If I could find where tht directory leads then I could just replace the old Splash.

Or even if I replaced the code, and placed the splash into some random folder, I would not know what to make the the directory look like.Like I said earlier, Is '\Z\' Just the virtual drive that VertHosting has provided? What folder does '\Z\' start in?...I guess I could just test this.

Sorry if I'm annoying. I've have edited my own missions for Arma2, but at that point I knew my directories, and where things were going to go, or I could just change the code to how I see fit.

I really appreciate you responding so quickly and that you are trying to help. I don't want my frustration to spill over to you. Thank you!


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Its fine I needed to told this aswell when I started. So the way I under stand it is that pbo use a z at the beginning to show it has a pbo prefix so when a file is called from \z\ it looks in the pbo for the file. So all you need to do to add your custom loadscreen is put the .jpg in the root of your mission folder then use "picture.jpg" to tell the server where to look for it. Ill check I wrote this write when I get home im on a bus atm.
Oh man, THANK YOU! I think I figured it out. I just have to change the dimensions of the photo.

Would it be okay if I asked you a few more questions?
Well, I'm back.

I've figured some stuff out on my own, but I'm looking to throw in more buildings. How do I make loot spawn in the buildings. Is this something you can help me with?