Need help with server script installation

Hey folks,

I'm pretty new with installing scripts, however i've successfully get few to work.
First i had problems where i find fn_self actions.sqf file, till i realized i had to copy it from local dayz code.
That way i have now working basic scripts like selfbb, sarge ai framework, action menu, snapping, intro song... etc.

But with few scripts like side missions i've faced a problem.

Trying to install that script, step 3 says "Open server_functions.sqf"
I have no idea where to find it, or if i find it where should i place it ?

I have tried to search from local dayz code, server dayz code, my mission.pbo no luck.. Cant find a solution anywhere. Also tried to generate one with different mods (vanilla, overwatch, taviana)
Actually i found one from server.pbo but thats not the same as tutorial tells to edit (has different content)

Also i've been looking for these files:


Im currently running Epoch Panthera

Ask for more information of needed,



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There are 2 pbo's you usually have to modify for script installs... basically takes place in the SERVER.PBO and wherever you found your mission pbo your server pbo is probably located in the same place depending on who hosts your server

PS: that mission system you want to install is VERY out of date it has alot of bugs but luckily there is a more later version found here and it fixes alot of bugs and other problems with the original missions