new admin looking for tutorial.


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hey guys i am a new server owner. i have been an admin before on a server with a friend.
my friend did all the modding and i did all the day to day operations on the problem is my friend is no longer interested in running a server and has gone his own now i must learn to mod a server my self!

but i have no i was wondering if you guys new of any good tutorials that would cover it from begging to end?

thanks in advance....


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What do you mean, you want to start learning the programming language and write your own scripts or you want to get better at adding scripts.


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sorry Alex i should have been more clear.
i am just trying to learn how to add the scripts. to my new server.not writing my own scripts.
i just don't know where to begin i have been trying to read as much as i can about it.but its a bit overwhelming.
but i have to start some where.


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thanks for the reply alex.i seen this in the forums but i am afraid i wouldn't know how to implement it on my server.
sorry i am a total noob!