[New DayZ Mod]rMod2.1FX Beta patch welcome to test


Hello everyone,I'm Col.I will show you a new version beta mod for DayZ 1761.

About FX Patch:

FX Patch is based on rMod 2.1,this patch add more mods make DayZ has much more instering.
(everyone knew about rMod2.1 more than 400 type of weapons,200 vehciles and airs,new unit skins more than 100.)
And this patch integrate by HK DayZClan-ST8.Colonel

So what 's new in FX patch:

[New Weapons]
[New Vehicles]
[New Airs]
[New Ships]
[New Skins]
[New Amrors]
[New Items]
[New Buildings]
[New Zombie and Suffers]

MOD Creidted List:
'Backpack Variants'- by Lennard;

'Boeing B52H'- by Zack and SoldierBen;

'BBUnitsV5'- by SchnapsdroSel;

‘Tomb V0.5’- by Icewindo;

'UrbanPack V0.5'- by Charon;

'F4U'- by neoko2000;

'SubmarinPack'- by by Gnat

'F14 Beta V1.6'- by ANZACSAS Steve And Konyo;
and more guys,really thank you for your mods working!
Our group wrate all of yours in our list.We will send the full credited list when finsh the all test working.

Code Functions:
Please read topic #6

How to setup FX patch:
Please exrat all FX patch pbo files in your rmod2.1 addons folder,and please enty '-mod=@rMod2' in your dayz commander addtational parameters,if you want join other servers just cancle thecommand.
Youtube Video:
Setup steps
Strom 8 Battle Clan Video
This promotional video reference only, the actual content just on server standard.
Server Gaming Video
Coming soon.

Why not use DayZ 1771:
Beacuse 1771 has too many bugs,such like:spawn dead body and weapons bug,also game playing was too diffcult, so our group use old version 1761 is much more steady.

About FX Antihack test server(LA,USA):
Server IP:
Please make sure you already setup DayZ 1761 and ARMA2 103718,than join in the server.

--Server functions and game playing--
Code functions:

--Game playing--

[For PVP ]
Init. Gears
CZ550,G17,Assult bag,and some useful tools,medicals,foods.

civilian vehicles in big cities,and small towns for new players to use.
(40% spawn Normal heli,50% spawn racing cars,60% spawn cars,100% spawn bikes and atvs)

4 Army Patrol Camps at Southcost and Eastcost,the bases have RU/UN basic weapon boxs for players to PVP.
(Locations,C city 070125,Piz moutatin 086128,E city 103128 and S island )

New Town,a small town near Piz Mountain 087128

5 Radar towers have 50% chace to spawn RQ11-Raven.
(Locations,C city 069131,E city 099137,S island 137124,B city 130069)

East Oilfield,near eastcost,there has 20%~50% spawn MP7 SMG Box.

Nimiz Carrie and Leadership
Nimiz 082139,Leaderships 130128/143065.There were some airs on the ship(AN2,F14,Fokker,F4uj,OV10,MH60 and others),but these airs when server restart will restore.also Nimiz has a Amroy room you can get some basic GER weapons.

There was a big amry base at NWAF,
You can have chaces to get amored vehicles,helis and jets in the base.
Also there were 3 Amror Hangers in the base,you can get some US basic weapons.
(Armoed vehicles spawn chance 10%,wheels vehicles 15%,Jet/heil/bomber 10%)

[For PVE]
--4 pve new maps in test server--

Weapon Rare:Smiply
About map:Once ago there was a BioLab for CDF,when the virus blew,the lab already lockdown,but there was a small group of CDF quarter in there.

Location:USMC Base(053076)
Weapon Rare:Adv.
About map:There were a big group of USMC reinforcement quarter in the Base.if you attack in there,you can get the special vehicle.

Weapon Rare:Elite
About map:Once ago there was a Castle,in morden centry became a small village,but when virus blew,the area was lockdown,nobody get in there,some people said there were some horrbile monters in the tomb,and the area has psy poi,people get in must have psy-shield,also can't drive vehicles in there.

Location:Devil Castle(068039)
Weapon Rare:All types
About map:When the virus blew,the last power of CDF,all fortify in that caslte,the location in high alert,really diffcult to destroy the fortifications.

How to get armor suit?
At usually you can find some camo_suit,soldier suit and gilile suit,you have 5% chance random to get nano suit,when you wear that,and pls drop the survior suit don't change it anymore.

1,All special vehicles when restart will restore.
2,All aircraft on carriers will restore when server restart.
3,Don't change any other skins when you get super amror.

Patch Download site:

[CHN]Baidu Netdisk

[CHN]Thunder Netdisk

If you have any questions and report bugs please send e-mail or join our CHN/ENG support channel.
YY Voice Channel:30657469

Thank you.


Code functions Updata:

Ability to build 30+ Arma 2/OA Objects.
Bloodbag for youself.
Sleep heal yourself in your tent.
Make a bait.
Autorefuel in gas station.
Remvoe parts from a no damge vehicle.
120 type skins change your survior skin every 10 minutes.(4 Types Bandits/Soliers/Femle/Lonlywolf)
Use a Craw knockout players.
Tow or lift your vehicles.
Random teleport in whole map.
Climb on back
Climb on car or bike back.
Sarge AI
Hardcore AI soldiers in PVE maps
Exsiovr bridge
Cross the bridge to S island.
Random Missons System
8 different missions in random time like wasteland.
Will lighting after 6:00p.m.
Call a dog protect yourself.
Car Radio
Use radio in any vehicles.
C130J Animated Crashed Point
Crashed at random point in whole map.
An2 Animated Throw Carepackage
Throw carepackage at random point in whole map.
Coast towns added new buildings.
Improve Items chance in buildings.
Improve FPS.
Delete any empty items.


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First of all .wow!!

I like this and wanna have this running on one of my testservers ,is there any tutorial for the install process?

a few questions

And can we trust your files to download them?
Does this run also on private hosts like running Bliss,Reality ....?



First of all .wow!!

I like this and wanna have this running on one of my testservers ,is there any tutorial for the install process?

a few questions

And can we trust your files to download them?
Does this run also on private hosts like running Bliss,Reality ....?
Hello,Fox.Tks for your reply and ask questions.
1,this patch was integrate by our group,and serach from armaholic fix bugs and change the scripts,make them can working on DayZ,we use origin rmod2.1 files never modify all files,just put our patch in the folder,so much easy for test.If we need modify rmod2.1 files,we must contact offgaming.net about permission to next test working.
2,this is a beta version some codes working not so perfect,but this patch can working any blisse or reailty server,because our test server create by HFB.If you want create own server,you need change some BE files and use our mpmission.And setup steps is same as rmod normal setup.in the meantime,you'd better test in our server,then you will know would you need create own server or not.



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Thank u .will try this mod soon !

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 4 Beta


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If RMod 2.1 was in Dayz Commander I would have switched to it months ago. Damn I wish OVerwatch had as many guns and vehicles unlocked as RMod.