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New Haven is fresh first person modded medium difficulty Livonia server, where gameplay is fun and dynamic, but not too arcady. We support both PvE and PvP kind of gameplay by not applying many rules - we encourage you to play however you like: as friendly survivor, nomad, hoarder or cold-hearted bandit.

  • 2x Toxic Zone located in Radunin med camp and in Dolnik, filled up with radation, zeds and great loot. Make sure to find full set of NBC clothes before you get in.
  • AirplaneCrashsite - upgraded version of airdrop containing some cool loot to encourage people to more frequent skirmishes,
  • Balanced Trader - to not kill survival aspects of the game, we decided to keep some items out of trader, like food and meds. No banking system either!
  • Black Market located in south-west forest. Drug dealer and military loot. No safe zone there, so be careful
  • New guns and custom balance to keep gameplay fair, and make looting high-risk zones more rewarding.
  • C4 and scheduled raids. We know the feeling of being raided while offline sucks, so raids are available every day from 19.00 to 24.00 CEST.
  • CodeLock, Base Storage and Simple Roof to enhance base building.
  • Increased stamina to match modded clothing weight standards.
  • Party me (press P to group up with your team)
  • Map and compass (but no 3D markers)
  • Browse your inventory while in cars… and more.
Check out our DISCORD for more info!

Our staff is immensely dedicated to improve the server and enhance DayZ experience. Currently we are working on customized base storage, and we just released custom Airplane Crashsite event. Keep an eye out for more info!