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Newly made server and community based in Australia/New Zealand
We are looking to slowly build our community and discord with active players
and we welcome you all.

We are old school Arma 2: DayZ Mod players and our goal is to attempt to bring some of that Dayz Mod community vibe back! We don't want to be like other server admins. We wont the server to be made our players way. We are extremely open to suggestions from our players so that we can insure we can provide the best playing environment for them.
come join us now and give our server a shot.
(find us on Dayzsa launcher just search Sigma Regiment)

Don't forget to set your ingame name in the launcher settings

Come join our Discord

- Safezones with traders @ Green-Mountain/Kumyrna
(customized so you can purchase all mod weapons and items)

- Events
(Admin hosted custom server events)

- Customized and fine tuned loot table
(Increased but balanced loot spawns)

- Summer Chernarus Map

- Trader

- BuildAnywhere

- [MOV] Unlimited Stamina
(No more stamina)

- Mass'sManyItemOverhaul
(Spawning/Trader; Custom items, weapons and clothing)

- WeaponReduxPack
(Spawning/Trader; More weapons and ammo)

- MoreGuns
(Spawning/Trader; Much more weapons and ammo)

- VanillaPlusPlusMap
(usable map without needing one 'M')

- GoreZ
(More blood effects)

- MosinScopeLRS
(Long range scope)

- Camo Net Plus
(Adds more use for camonets)

- UsefulSuppressors
(Suppressors last longer before breaking)

Plus much more and more to come!
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