NO DOWNLOADS - TREIBJAGD - TripleStamina|StartGear|MoreZ|SetSpawn|NoWipe|Events

Just released the server password a half hour ago!
Its ready for your fun - we hope you'll enjoy.
We are a german multigaming clan, existing for 3 years now. People in TREIBJAGD are mostly 21-45 years old. We got active admins, waiting for your requests.



- 100-120 Slots?
- DedicatedHardware
- Huge Redesigned PvP Areas With Extra LOOT @ NEAF, Balota & Cherno
- Tripled Stamina
- Starting Gear
- 2x More Animals
- 2/3 More Zombies
- Custom Spawnpoints
-- You spawn at NWAF
- Custom Carspawns
-- Up To 33 Cars Spawn Max 3 KM Off The Coast
- Custom Crashsides
-- Crashsides Spawn Max 4 KM Off The Coast
-- 5 random- and 2 fixed crashsides
- Custom Buildings
-- More Military Building At The Coastregions
- Custom Loottables
-- The Lootsystem Has Ben Reworked
-- Less Military Loot And Flipped Tiers
-- More Basebuilding Items
- Mini-Nights
- Some Snowflakes
- Own Backup System
- Set Your Group Spawn! *
- Events **

* If you are playing whitin a group of three or more players, that already have a base built up atleast ~200 meters off the next military loot ( ! ) - You can ask one of the following admins: [TREIBJAGD]- Ano, Feuer, Platin1481, Red Lefuet to set your own spawn.
If the base conditions are all correct, admin will setup your groupspawns. They will be applied after the next server restart.
YOU WILL SPAWN COMPLETE NAKED! Thats our compensation, otherwise it would be overpowered.

** We will prepare challenging and easy Events for you. All events except spontaneous mini-events will be announced 5 days earlier within the ingame chat.

See you soon!
(If you have any problems of find bugs, please ask for a admin in steam or teamspeak)