No Remorse Epoch Chernarus - 300+ Vehicles - Transparent Building - Anti-cheat - Custom traders

We are a new DayZ Epoch Chernarus server that's opened on the 1st of March. We are a PvP and suvrival based server, focusing on what DayZ was all about. Whether you're a hero, or a bandit all are welcome on No Remorse. Check out the server at ( or see the details below. Feel free to chill on the teamspeak provided while you battle it out in-game!

300+ Vehicles
Transparent building + auto snapping
Self-bloodbag via gear
Deploy bike using toolbox
Animated helicopter crashes
Custom Traders
God mode + Anti theft trader zones
Customised AI missions
Vehicle tow / Helicopter lifting
Refuel and Repair stations
Custom Day / Night cycle
Custom Map additions

Some videos of features:

A quick visual representation of the translucent building for those unsure what it looks like. Much easier to build with.

Demonstration of the 'Deploy Bike' feature.