Official server is back up and HFB update!

As many regular players of the official server may have noticed, the official server went down for a long time last night, I can confirm it is back up and running. HFB were rebooting their servers and this caused our server to be down longer than they told us. On the same note, we are going to be upgrading our server to a dedicated server so our beautiful players can get the best gameplay <3

On other news, I received confirmation from HFB that they're adding Epidemic to the DayZ mods list, making it much easier for people wanting to host our mod to install it. It will be getting added tonight or tomorrow.
hahaha nice i actually had a support ticket answered by the ceo/owner of hfb and requested epidemic as a mod to be added and he said There could be a possibility that this can be added in the future.
guess he decided to go for it :)