OverPoch - NAPF - SurviveTh3Dead.Com *NEW SERVER*|PVE|SingleCurrency|AdvancedTrading|CustomFace|DZAI

Server Ip:

- Our servers have been up and running since 2013. We are now offering NEW and FRESH DATABASE servers so players can start exploring again.

- Our goal is to keep the server lag-free with high FPS. That's why we don't install unnecessary scripts on the server unless it's requested and voted by our member. When we install a script, we make sure it runs properly and up to date.

- We run 3 big mission systems to keep the server thrilling and exciting, roaming AI and missions will make your survival day even harder.

- Active Admins, Friendly Players and Helpful Community. We still have more than 2000 active members on our facebook's fanpage.

- Donation Perks Available.


- DZAI Mission, WAI Mission, EMS Mission

- Take Clothes / EvaC Chopper / Tow/Lift

- Snap Pro / Plot 4 life / Vector Build / Indestructible Base

- Custom Loadout / Custom Faces Allowed / Vehicle locator / Key Identifier

and a lot more


- PVE and New Player Welcome.

- No Hoarding Vehicles, max 5 vehicles per base.

- No base in static buildings, vehicles with 8+ items are claimed.

- No Hacking, scripting, cheating or abusing players.

Social Networks:

Website: www.surviveth3dead.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/surviveth3dead

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/surviveth3dead