Overwatch Dead??


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Well I have been hearing rumors Overwatch is dead. Now seems they or the owner hasnt paid hosting fees for the website http://dayzoverwatch.com.

So is this the first sign of its death. I know the community over there has picked up to do the next update. Could that be dead also? I guess once its out of Dayz commander we'll know for certain.
Site seems back up.

Scrumbee posted last month as follows......

Well I'm here, keep a long storey short yes Overwatch was pretty dead for a while and kind still is. One of the bigger reasons was we were only 2 guys working on this when we started, then it went down to only me doing stuff as other guy had IRL stuff going on. Did get some help doing some small stuff here and there, but being all alone and having to do everything like website, answer QA on forums, do the coding, released it, figure out issues and fix it. To put it simple just too much for one guy and you get burned out after a while. Like going on like that for 2-3 months with no big breaks kind of makes it hard to want to continue, and then onto of that there are other projects that im working on as well. Been helping out Dayz Battle Royale recently, but then i got sick and was sick for quite a while. But as for status of Overwatch, i am willing to continue working on it, but if that's going to happened I'm going to need help simple as that it's too much work for me to do alone. But then there's a matter of finding guys with the skill requirement needed to keep the project going. Know right off hand gone need some to help do coding, then maybe community manger dose forums, talk to users get feel what's wanted in the game mod etc. Someone to maybe someone to deal with testing etc, but yea an idea would be for those who are interested in helping with renewing the project and get things going we could have a skype / teamspeak meet and we could all have a talk and see we can find that people that are needed to keep overwatch going. This is just an idea here, but think it's something that we can do.

and last week

Well just as quick update, we are working on fixing all the bugs we know of and we are almost done with this and will release it ASAP, so expect next patch to be bug fixes. We have been talking about what to do next for Overwatch and we do have some ideas on the drawing board if you would. Once all bug fixes are done and tested we will move on to adding and testing some of new ideas we have for Overwatch will announce this at a lather time when got more info to share in this.

Source: http://dayzoverwatch.com/forum/m/15923780/viewthread/9711040-meeting-on-sunday-011213