Overwatch tent issues.


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hey folks. Sorry if this is in the wrong forums but posted here as overwatch is based on reality.

Alright im owner of 2 large overwatch servers that are maxed out nearly 20+ hours a day. TKG 1 and TKG 2.

The issue im having is I Set up server 1 and all is working perfectly. we then set up a 2nd server, on its own database, the server worked perfect just like server 1 does. we then decided to link server 1 and 2 hives together. I did this on server 2 only. HiveExt.ini edited to use the players from server 1s database, so server 1 has all of server 1 in it and server 2 has its own database for everything but the players/inventory which reads from server 1s db. this is working great, except server 2s tents are deleted every server restart.
any thoughts?