permission to post

Hi all, im new to the site and loving it. Thanks to the community i have been able to edit my server and ive learnt a bunch about scripts.

I would like to advertise my server in the server advertisment section though i have not got the permission yet. I was wondering, what do i have to do to post in that thread?.. Have i just gotta post more?..
Seems like, yes. More posts before advertisement. And good luck with that. There are way to many servers already. Dont know why people open more and more with the same settings.
Cool thank you for the reply.

I run a server cause I want to run one is why. I wanted to give a try at scripting and editing and not like anyone will let ya do that on there server so only option is make ya own. I've done a lot of work on it though so I like to think its not the same settings as every server or any thing. Plus I got tired of the admin on my previous server as they would spawn them selves in hack vehicles and kick people for not PvPing the way they wanted us too so I thought I'd give a server a go and try to be a fair Admin which is pretty easy really.. just don't use admin powers to lord over others or to benifit ya self.

So there ya go.. that I imagine is why people keep opening their own servers, well at least thats why I did ;)

Oh and thanks for the good luck wish, if even one person joined me and my friends on our server it would be worth it.