Play With Six - Collections - GOD SEND for Server hosts!!!

Nonov Urbizniz

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Hey all,

I know there have been a lot of problems for server hosts who want to host Sahrani in combination with other mods, or addons... I've known this was in the works for a while, and am REALLY excited it's out now.

Play With Six, offers a feature called "collections", and it is exactly as it sounds, a collection of mods. You can now share your custom collection on their website, so it's quick/easy for others to join your server.

I'm really focused in other areas right now, and haven't hosted a server in a while, so I haven't set anything up... but all our addons are hosted there, the mod, the lite version of the terrain, the buildings, everything.

SO, it should be VERY VERY easy for server hosts to customize ANY terrain with our buildings and provide a quick/easy method for new joining players to get setup.

I know a lot of people have tried PWS in the past and found it either too daunting, or confusing, but over the last year it's gotten more and more intuitive, and easy to use.