plz. help needed with triggers


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Hi guys, thank you for your work at first - dzai patrols are spicing our a$$es for more than a year already, it's very fun and attractive.

We have a private pve hosted on xeon, with a visibility limit about 4000 (not much players, server is ok, everything works without lags and glitches, fps in Luzern is a bit low but perfectly playable) - so we have a little (or big) problem with custom ai spawning too close to players - i've noticed about 650-700 meters or so.

Is there any way to trigger that custom pedestrian spawn at a larger distance, at least twice ?


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what i tried :
changing _trigger setTriggerArea from 600 (or 750) to 1600 in :


no luck yet
trying second debug level
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nope, still no luck

18:14:56 "DZAI Monitor :: Server Uptime: 0:13:37. Active AI Groups: 19."
18:14:56 "DZAI Monitor :: Static Spawns: 0. Respawn Queue: 1 groups queued."
18:14:56 "DZAI Monitor :: Dynamic Spawns: 0. Random Spawns: 0. Air Patrols: 4. Land Patrols: 15."
18:15:00 "RUNNING EVENT: supply_drop on [2015,7,11,14,15]"
18:15:35 "DZAI Debug: Processed static trigger spawn data in 0 seconds (Custom Spawn)."
18:15:35 "DZAI Extended Debug: Found spawn position at 0.63046 meters away at position [16453.1,18403.1,0] after 0 retries."
18:15:35 "DZAI Extended Debug: Created loadout for unit O 1-1-B:1 (weapongrade: 3): [Sa58V_CCO_EP1,30Rnd_762x39_SA58,DZ_GunBag_EP1]."
18:15:35 "DZAI Extended Debug: Spawned AI Type FR_Rodriguez_DZ with weapongrade 3 for group O 1-1-B (fnc_createGroup)."
18:15:35 "DZAI Extended Debug: Created loadout for unit O 1-1-B:2 (weapongrade: 3): [Sa58V_CCO_EP1,30Rnd_762x39_SA58,DZ_LargeGunBag_EP1]."
18:15:35 "DZAI Extended Debug: Spawned AI Type Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ with weapongrade 3 for group O 1-1-B (fnc_createGroup)."
18:15:35 "DZAI Extended Debug: Group O 1-1-B has group size 2."
18:15:35 "DZAI Debug: Spawned a group of 2 units in 0.0270386 seconds at dzai-zone-suhrvysh (Custom Spawn)."
18:15:35 "DZAI Extended Debug: Initialized static spawn at dzai-zone-suhrvysh. GroupArray: [O 1-1-B], PatrolDist: 5. equipType: 3. LocationArray 0 positions, MaxUnits [2,0]."
18:15:35 "DZAI Debug: Unit O 1-1-B:1 loadout: [["Sa58V_CCO_EP1","M136"],["30Rnd_762x39_SA58","M136"]]. Weapongrade 3. Blood: 10493.7."
18:15:35 "DZAI Debug: Unit O 1-1-B:2 loadout: [["Sa58V_CCO_EP1"],["30Rnd_762x39_SA58"]]. Weapongrade 3. Blood: 10707.5."


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found it, thanx again for dzai and thamx me for solving this one :)


was needed to be modified - _trigger setTriggerArea [600, 600, 0, false]; , i set mine for 1600