[Pre-Release] SQF to Mission Converter

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Last 4 evenings i Work on a Converter to Convert a SQF File to an editable biedi File.

My Converter converts every entry in the SQF to a Clean Serverready SQF and to a biedi File.

Yo see the Textarea and do to send.

Next window you see on the left side a BIEDI File and right Side the Serverready SQF File.

you can enter an Mission Name and download a complete Zip Archive with Your Mission.

In the Zip-File are:

mission.biedi (Editorready)
mission.sqf (Serverready and cleaned from the Groups Units etc.)
sqf_orginal.sqf (The orginalk posted SQF-File)

I started my work on this script 21. Dezember.
Finished the Basic Converterscript 23.Dezember.

Now: Little Fixes and new Features.
Future: Integrate the Script in my Website.

Link: http://rsdayz.de/sqf2mission/index.php
NEW URL: http://hellbz.de/sqf-2-mission/

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year...

Cheers HellBz aka Stefan
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This is similar, but I've developed my own scripts.
My script is due to the emerged that there was nothing in the nets.
And since the latest I have a server, and wanted to look at me insert some SQF files before.

I have now found by chance, and thought, I can also give my yes to the best.

In my a can also complete sqf files are inserted, with all the bells and drann and then server-capable are made sqf of it.

So if you mean now, I've only me Copied, which is not so.

Our Scripts are relatively each other formed at the same time independent.

His script is based on JavaScript and the way my PHP.

Basic JavaScript is different, of course, relatively little of PHP, because PHP and JavaScript from Java come.

I hope mitdem post now no hate speech to produce on his or my script.

I wanted to just show times.

Das ist ähnlich, aber ich habe mein Script selbst entwickelt.
Mein Script ist auf Grund dessen entstanden, das es im Netzt nichts gab.
Und seit neusten habe ich einen Server, und wollte mir einige SQF-Files vor dem einfügen anschauen.

Das habe ich heute durch zufall gefunden, und gedacht, da kann ich meines ja auch zum besten geben.

Bei meinem können a auch komplette sqf-Files eingefügt werden, mit allem drum und drann und dann werden Serverfähige sqf draus gemacht.

Also falls du jetzt meinst, ich habe es mir nur abgeguckt, dem ist nicht so.

Unsere Scripte sind relativ zur selben Zeit unabhängig voneinander entstanden.

Sein Script basiert übrigens auf JavaScript und meines auf PHP.

Grundlegend unterscheidet sich JavaScript natürlichrelativ wenig von PHP, weil PHP und JavaScript von Java stammen.

Ich hoffe mitdem Post jetzt keine Hasstiraden zu erzeugen auf Sein oder auf mein Script.

Ich wollte es einfach nur mal zeigen.


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ich wollte damit natürlich nicht behaupten dass du es geklaut hast ^^
sieht eben nur ziemlich ähnlich aus...

i wouldnt say that you have stolen it ^^
it justs looks very similar...


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Just so we're clear on this: you are telling me to do something cause my asking about it annoys you somehow, I imply that if it annoys you, you shouldn't reply, and now I'm a kid barking orders? You must win in life man, my hat off to you


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no sense in further discussion with you... you really dont get it...

in some forums you get warned (and banned if you continue) if you are asking for every shit instead using the search first...
maybe the time will come... (i highly doubt) when you realize what i meant...


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I totally get what you were on about, and I agree wholeheartedly with it. But I was asking just out of curiosity, I have no intention of converting anything at this point. You went all apeshit about it for no reason.

Great how you removed your posts btw


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My only Problem with either is that they are web pages, and for archival purposes, if they go down so does the tool.
Just sayin .. :)