Problems in the construction of the new reality

I noticed some problems in the new construction of Reality.
I use this command to build the mission - "perl --world chernarus --with-ssZedsMessaging --with-invcust --with-buildings --with-wrecks --with-killmsgs --with-carepkgs --channels 0,2,6 --instance 1 -- rcon XXXXX ".

I realized that in building it calls the folder pkg1761 and not as pkg1771 think it should be.

client connects is not on the screen requiring authentication beyond the mission of LOADSCREEN error that can not find loadScreen = "\ z \ addons \ dayz_code \ gui \ dayz_logo_ca.paa"; until it is corrected easily by changing it to: loadScreen = "\ z \ addons \ dayz_code \ gui \ loadingscreen.paa ";

RPT.log generates this error "ERROR: Can not Sync Character [BLD] Californication in the characterID"

I tried to rename the folder to pkgs/pkg1761 pkg1771 but at compile time of this error: Hunk # 7 failed at line 181.

I do not know what to do is always very complicated and time consuming updates Hive Private and always with many problems that could be analyzed before the final announcement.

Arma@OA Beta pacth - 103718
Dayz -
Database achema - 0.42
Reality last snapshot on github Thevisad

Sorry for my Bad English.