Project Omega-Story Driven Interactions-Hard Core Survival-PC-Chenarus(With map edits)


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Project Omega
Welcoming to anyone looking for a while new challenge and experience to survival in Dayz!

This is an immersion-based server, the goal of which is to play heavily into the survival aspect of Dayz while weaving stories from it. Through a collective effort, everyone strives to keep the server as immersive as possible, to pull themselves and others around them deeply into the rough world of Dayz. Most people you come across will be playing as characters, each with their own goals/hidden intentions/agendas. This world is dangerous, rough and supplies are limited. Will you be a ruthless bandit? Will you be a lone survivor looking out for 'Number 1'? Or will you want to bring some justice and order to the territory? The story is yours to tell!

Differences(to list a few)-

-The mods used had each been carefully considered and tested/adjusted to improve gameplay, immersion and not make things 'too easy' but still adapted for 'life improvement'(including custom recopies/blueprints!) You gotta work for that comfort and sweet drips!

-With some intensive tuning, zombies are always a threat as they should be. They are hyper aware in the daytime, but at night become slow and easier to handle. They still hurt a bit even when blocking, and some hit harder than others (your survivor will be able to learn over time which to avoid/take down ASAP). Fire an unsilenced gun in a city, expect company. Think tactfully! They can also be anywhere, including a few in a forest you may be running through. A true zombie apocalypse where threats lie around each corner!

Radios have been adjusted for wider communication and narrowing down of survivor's locations(3 different radios, 3 different ranges of speech). Longer battery life for easier contact with fellow survivors.. or if you're a bandit, easier tracking of potential 'opportunities'.

-Food sources are extremely limited, forcing survivors to dip heavily into their hunting and fishing skills. Or, for the aggressive types, just holding folks up.

-Days are warmer in our Chernarus, allowing for more flexibility in clothing choice. Sport that wicked look, flaunt that hero wear!

Unique weapons, very carefully tested and tweaked. A new variety of weapon-play to choose from, to further customize your character and create new approaches to situations!

-Building Fortifications mod chosen to encourage building into existing housing, improving server performance but also encouraging strategic play. Will you be a solo hunter happy with a lone cabin in the woods? Or will you create a group who runs/protects a town?

-When playing,
no outside communications aloud (Discord/Teamspeak etc) this generates extremely organic encounters and levels the playing field for all.


-Project Omega is extremely supportive of our streamers and content creators. Admin also works hard keeping an eye out for any 'stream sniping' or 'meta' that would be pulled from said content. As well as ensured any in game music is DMCA friendly. Are you a content creator wanting to tell a story while getting support of a community? Perfect place to do so!

-Active discord, helpful too for quick questions and support when needed. Or even pop in to chat with the
growing community! Take a peek at some of the clips, or even scroll through past streams from our interesting tales and characters!

Come join us in our Chenarus tale, add to the lore and create your story!

For more information please feel free to visit our Discord, and our Website for a more in depth overview of the uniqueness that is Project Omega.